Thursday, October 13, 2011

Panda Rescue and Breeding Center


Today our big outing was to the Panda Center.  Beautiful grounds, very peaceful.  Adorable pandas!
You'll see the classic panda as well as a photo of a red panda.  Big brother also took photos of the developmental stages of little pandas for his class--you can see that they are born without their black markings.  

Sissy showed us that she can really experience carsickness--on the way there and back.  See her sleeping in her Ba ba's arms?  She was game for the outing, though--really enjoyed the fish and the bears.  She threw some of her cheerios to the fish.  And since we saw those cheerios again in the car ride soon after, we think giving some (or all) away to the fish was the right decision!

You can also see the adoption registration office sign--did some additional paper work today too. Our last stop before heading back to the hotel was Sissy's finding place.  Bittersweet to see it--but she may be curious about it someday.  It's the third photo down from the bottom.

The evening ended with a pizza. Yum!

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