Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photos of the journey home

This set of photos documents some of the steps we took to get home... starting with a train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong... Terrible photo taken from a bus, but I had to try to get an image of freighters unloading their wares in Victoria Harbor--beautiful in the dark.  Next you see sister enjoying a little expensive western food in the Regal Airport Hotel in HK--she got into all of it--french fries, steamed veggies, and hot milk.  Next you see her giggling during the 14 1/2 hour flight to Chicago.  As you leave the international terminal in Chicago they have this line of American flags--I was glad to see them.  Then you see us in the final leg of travel--here comes our greeting committee!!  

Why does this blog want to post the photos backward at times???!!!!! OK--just go from the bottom up then. 

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  1. Hey, it's me--Ann at Crazy For Kids! Thanks for commenting--I remember following your journey to China and I just looked at your other blogs--what fun to see how your family has changed! I'm glad you've enjoyed sharing ours--what a miracle each child is! Maybe someday we will meet in person! Enjoy your precious littles! Blessings, Ann