Monday, October 17, 2011

TB test assessment, Jade and Pearl Markets, Nanyun King Tomb Museum

Oohh... so difficult to get up in the morning!  Started off our morning by traveling back to the Visa Medical Center to have TB tests checked for all of the children in our group above age 2 years.  You'll see a photo of the beautiful Banyan trees lining that street.   Results were all OK, thank goodness. 

Then we went over to visit these huge jade and pearl markets.  You can see the layers of shops in one of the photos--this photo is of the pearl market.  See one of our agency staff members and a retail worker showing sister which shade of pearl compliments her skin color best!

See sister in our hotel room having our classic quiet snack lunch--she looks pretty happy about it.  After her nap and my work time, she and I ventured out to a nearby museum---when this hotel was being constructed, workers discovered an ancient tomb, undisturbed and full of artifacts, including a complete burial suit made of jade pieces.  You can see some of the bells found in the tomb and a cool dragon.  Sister sedately pushed her stroller around the museum and looked at the artifacts I pointed out.  I am finding that one indeed can take her anywhere!  

Read more about the King's tomb here. 

There is also a photo of sister by her favorite billboard-she loves looking at this little cartoon girl each time we pass it.   Tomorrow... the visa appointment... a very critical step toward sister coming to her new home and family. 

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